Production Technology:
There are 4 nos. of grinding mill in MCML having production capacity of 3000 MT/ day and these mills are equipped with high efficiency separator to segregate fine particle from the coarse one. The dimension of each of the 02 (two) mills is 3m diameter x 9m length (production capacity 30 TPH) while the each of the rest 02 is 3m diameter x 11m length (production capacity 40 TPH).


Quality Assurance (Q.A.):
To ensure the product quality, the Quality Assurance (Q.A.) department collects samples from different areas of mill house every after 1hrs. to evaluate quality of the crushed product and thus feed back to the production department. Based on the quality report determined by Q.A department,   Production department acts accordingly.


Production and Packaging:
There are 4 nos. of cement silo for cement storing purpose in MCML, where the capacity of each of the first 02 silo is 3500 MT while the capacity of each of the rest 02 is 5000 MT. Cement is extracted from the cement silo through extraction system which consists of roots blower, inlet box, pneumatic shut off valve, flow control valve etc. which are controlled from the control room of the pack house. There are 2 nos. of roto packer having packing capacity of 100 MT / Hr. and 110 MT / Hr. respectively. These packers are the equipments of modern technology where weighing system of the delivered cement sack is fully electronic based to ensure proper weight of every sack of cement.


Mainly paper made cement sacks are preferred for filling purpose although small percentage of poly sack are also used based on the consumers’ demand. It may be mentioned here that, the paper sacks are manufactured by the Sack plant of BG.


Environment Protection:
To assist the production process i.e. to enhance the mill output as well as for securing dust free working environment there are several nos. of dust collectors with modern deducting system in the mill house area. Moreover there are several nos. of dust collector having larger capacity of modern deducting system to secure almost dust free working environment.


Delivery Control System:
There exists 02 modes of cement delivery system i.e. road delivery and vessel delivery available in this plant. To prevent bag bursting while loading in vessel one spiral chute has been designed with the barge loader.
To ensure smooth delivery of cement sacks 19 nos. ten wheeler and 16 nos. six wheeler company delivery trucks are being used.


Raw material unloading & Storing:
There exists a modern equipped jetty facility in this organization where the sea going vessel can berth easily. There exists 02 nos. of hydraulic crane of modern technology of German origin having unloading capacity of 250 MT/Hr each of which contribute a lot to faster unloading.


Here it needs to mention that there exists a clinker shed having storing capacity of 35000 MT and for easy and faster conveying there exists a substantial numbers of  belt conveyors which has been designed technically and which lengths about 02 kilometers. Besides the two nos. of hydraulic crane there also exists 02 nos. of mechanically driven crane namely Fransiab Crane which are mainly engaged for limestone unloading.